Figurines are art!

What do you think of when you hear the word “figurine”?

Are they prize figurines from a game center? Or are they the figurines sold in hobby shops? Garage kits, scale figurines, deformed figurines, and movable figurines… In recent years, thanks to the ingenuity of manufacturers, there have been many different types of “figurines” available.

This site is dealing with beautiful girl scale figurines for sale. The sizes are mainly from 6 to 1/8 scale.

I believe that Japanese figurines are an art form. This is because you can feel the love and passion of the creator from the details of each and every one of them, and they bring joy to its viewers.

It is obvious, but most of the figurines are 3-dimensional figurines that are rendered in 2-dimensional form. It takes rich imagination to complete a figurine without sacrificing the character’s image while filling in the details that are not depicted in the drawing.
Then, it is the modeling technique that actually gives it form. Fluttering hair, frills on the costume, intricate ornaments, supple curves of the body, gaps between the body and the costume, the use of clear parts… the vibrant figurines created by the skills of the master craftsman never get old.
The coloration technique is also wonderful. The intricate patterns, the expression of the transparency and softness of the skin, and the delicate use of color to paint the characters attractively are breathtakingly beautiful. When you see a colored sample with the knowledge of the uncolored prototype, it is truly impressive, as if it had come to life.

With scale figurines, it takes years from the time the project is announced to the time it arrives in your hands. However, in most cases, the quality of the product is so high that it is understandable why it takes so long to complete. The creator of the figurine is so uncompromising in his or her attention to detail to the end. Therefore the joy of holding the finished product in his or her hands is both amazing and genuine.

High quality Japanese figurines are no longer “one of Japan’s anime goods”, but rather “one of Japan’s proudest cultural achievements”.

This site was created with the intention of sharing the appeal of this Japanese culture, which Japan should be proud of, not only in Japan, but to the rest of the world from an artistic standpoint.

Most scale figurines cost over 10,000 yen per unit, which is a high price range, and there are some obstacles if you want to buy them casually, such as the need to find a place to display or store them. Also, the prices are getting higher and higher every year.

However, having a figurine of your favorite character in your life is a wonderful, glamorous and enriching experience that is worth more than the price of the product.

I hope that this site will help those who are attracted to and interested in figurines step into a beautiful everyday life with figurines. I also hope that more and more people around the world will enjoy figurines, and that the future of the Japanese figurine industry will continue to shine around the world.